My LaunchBox Journey
by Mykola Babiy

Posted on July 2, 2019 at 9:00 PM

I first heard of LaunchBox 2018 in my first year of college when my brother told me of the opportunity to be able to work on the startup idea full time, let’s just say we didn’t quite get into the program that year. To be more precise we didn’t even get through the applications. Cut to one year later, having already faced defeat once we were determined to get into the program, and we did everything we could to get in, now that we’re in it I gotta say it was all worth the hard work to get in. Now we get to work even harder.

With our startup we believe we can really make it easier for people to know what to do when it comes to learning something new or developing some sort of skill. Imagine a website you can go to and see all the different things other people are learning along with learning resources that have been recommended all in one place, that is what will be. See, how it came to be was that my brother Andriy couldn’t find where to study some Spanish in Valencia, well he could, matter of fact he found so many scattered sources that he ended up falling into choice paralysis and not going anywhere. Why did this happen? No ability to compare? Maybe it was that he couldn’t see the value it brought to him directly? *lightbulb moment* Of course it has been a journey and a half since then but it’s been a fun ride, with plenty of ups, downs, and learning curves all round.

Being on LaunchBox has tremendously accelerated our journey, it made it much more serious too which is nice as it give the whole idea not only a stress test but also some credibility. All of the guest speakers who have come in have all dropped serious gems too, which is always nice to have, some inspiration for your day of work almost everyday. Being able to have somewhere to work has been priceless too as we can get our whole team together and start turning our idea into reality.

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